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Prikaži spremembe od 19. april 2024 14:33 naprej
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19. april 2024

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16. april 2024

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N    13:39  Weather in Singapore razlzgod +5.289 SeoBacklinkservices pogovor prispevki (Nova stran z vsebino: For a stay it combines luxury at sustainability, book a space at PARKROYAL on Pickering, one eco-friendly hotel found in the heart of Chinatown. This award-winning hotel attributes lush greenery cascading down its striking facade, producing a visually stunning oasis in the middle of the metropolitan jungle. The resort's stylish rooms and rooms are made with sustainability in mind, integrating energy-efficient technologies and eco-friendly materials to make sure a comfo...)
N    13:24  Tourism in Singapore razlzgod +5.202 SeoBacklinkservices pogovor prispevki (Nova stran z vsebino: Nestled amidst that the lush greenery of Labrador Nature Reserve, Villa Samadhi provides a secluded sanctuary away from your hustle plus bustle out of the city. Each of that the resort's luxurious rooms try elegantly furnished with a mixture of modern comforts and traditional Asian decor, creating the serene and romantic environment. Sit back by the infinity pool overlooking the tropical landscape, or indulge in an exclusive restaurants experience below the stars for a...)
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12. april 2024

N    19:06  Odprtokodne programske rešitve razlzgod +798 PurOS pogovor prispevki (Nova stran z vsebino: Odprtokodne programske rešitve obsegajo več nivojev: * odprtokodno vdelano programsko opremo (firmware), ki je zapisana v čipu (npr. BIOS...) in mu omogoča, da le-ta sploh deluje * odprtokodne gonilnike, ki operacijskemu sistemu omogočajo, da komunicira s strojno opremo * odprotokodne operacijske sisteme (npr. Linux, BSD, AOSP - Android Open Source Project...), ki omogoča programom, da tečejo na dani strojni opremi in * odprtokodne programe, ki so lahko sistems...)